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Our guarantee

The Small Print on our guarantee. There are a few sensible conditions, which are listed below:

If you can’t recover your initial investment, then in the case of the guarantee above, we’ll help you to smoothly exit 3Degrees Social and refund you the difference between your Initial Fee and the gross profit that you have made.

  • You must attend all available training and coaching calls.
  • You must deploy all the techniques that we teach and offer the full 3degrees Social proposition* to your clients; You must ask for help, and act upon it, at least 3 months before you claim under this guarantee.
  • Any claims under this guarantee must be made no later than 19 months after the date of the License Agreement.
  • This guarantee is only valid when signed by an authorised member of 3degrees Social HQ team, and your License Agreement is signed and Initial Fee paid by the agreed specified date.